What to Look For In Airport Shuttle Services?

Travelling to the airport could be a humungous task as most of the time it is located on the outskirts of the city, away from the populace. In popular tourist spots and travel destinations like Paris, it becomes even more difficult to commute from the airport.

Although there are plenty of shuttle services provided at the airport, it is difficult to understand which one would be more reliable and safe. Solo women travellers, especially, need to be careful with the rising crime rates in various parts of the world. While you can make most of the bookings online, you are not able to check the safety facilities that are being provided.

airport shuttle in Paris are known for their round-the-clock availability and cheap rates. However, the following tips can help you get the best taxi services:

Tips To Pick the Best Taxi Services

Book Online But Be Cautious: It is advisable to book taxi services online only if they have good reviews. Look for customer complaints, if any. Bring clarity for the same by calling the customer care. Check what security features the cab has and make your pick accordingly.

Pick The Airport Cab Facilities: A part of the Paris CDG airport transfer facility, airport taxis are the most reliable and the safest as they are constantly tracked by the airport authorities. So, if you are stuck in traffic or on a bridge, the airport authorities will know how to reach out to you in case of emergency.

Waiting Charges: Go anywhere and you would have to confront traffic snarls everywhere. In such a situation, calculate the number of such situations in your route well in advance and also verify with the cab service providers regarding the waiting charges.

Driving License: Most often, we ignore to check the driver’s details. Ask for his license and registration number before boarding the cab. Be alert and raise an alarm immediately if you sense danger. Keep the important phone number of police and members of your family on speed dial.

Check about the Co-Passenger: If you are sharing a cab, verify who the co-passenger is and where he needs to be dropped. Talk to the cab providers or the driver as to which route he wishes to take, keeping your safety in mind.

Pack Sensibly: Do not pack a lot of things because that would increase the tariff of the cab. Many shuttles provide different packages, which vary depending on the number of luggage you carry. Packages include Sedan, SUV or even small cars. While the rents vary, the comfort levels increase with every increasing penny. So first determine whether you want comfort or cost-effectiveness and then book a cab accordingly.

Double check before pick-up time: Always call the driver or the company you have hired the pick-up services from, a few minutes before the pick-up time. That way, you can ensure that reservation is confirmed and the taxi will arrive for sure.

So, pick your taxi judiciously and do not compromise on the quality of the service, especially if you are travelling in a new city alone. Your stay would indeed be memorable if your journey within the city is pleasant and hassle-free.


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